Updated: Jun 13, 2021

A cup of tea with our loved ones enhances our mood. How fulfilling it is to hold a cup of chai in your hand and talk to your friend or family or even better friends who are family. These are little moments of joy that we always cherish and grow up with. Don't we get excited at one point during the day, when will it be time for my chai? We all do. Thats why at Pure Finds we try our best to make your special moments more enjoyable. It is the little details that count in.

We came up with the Musk Rose Collection to make tea-ware that is big, bold and beautiful. The print of cups and saucers will brighten up your mood and surely impress your chai partner.

Musk Rose Collection is made in finest porcelain which is bone ash free and durable. Yes, no animal bones mixed in your tableware which is such a relief! The design is inspired by beautiful clusters of Musk Rose and is hand screen printed - handmade product lovers are specially going to love this. The entire crockery is hand screen printed, making it even more special!

Tea Time conversations

Luxury Tea set to gift to your loved ones

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